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Friday, April 24, 2015

ProjectWriter for History

ProjectWriter is an excellent learning tool that is ideal for teaching and reinforce learning for a wide variety of subjects.  Recently, BoomWriter the creators of ProjectWriter released their History page which shows how PW can be used to create innovative collaborative writing projects or textbooks to build vocabulary and knowledge of the given subject.  Also, the flexibility allows educators to use for  a single project or incorporate into a whole field of studying.

I highly recommend checking out ProjectWriter for Science by clicking here!!!

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Thursday, April 23, 2015


EDpuzzle the excellent and free learning tool for flipping a classroom and adding questions to a video has just released a new update.  This update has a new landing page making it easier for students/teachers to sign in, as well as a drag-n-drop interface to add questions to a video.  Also, EDpuzzle allows educators to track and monitor student assignments as well generate detailed reports.

I highly recommend checking out EDpuzzle by clicking here!!!

Below is a brief demo...

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Toy Theater

Toy Theater is a fun site for kids PreK-6th grade.  This is a ideal site for game based learning that helps students in a variety of subjects such as: Math, Reading, Art, Music, and more.  This is a nice site to use as centers as it is safe for students and has a wide variety of games and puzzles they can play through.

I highly recommend checking out Toy Theater by clicking here!!!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Wonder is a new search engine that I just found out about from the wonderful blog, Educational Technology Guy.  This is an interesting site that lets users filter through experts on any given topic.  A user can also save their results and become experts as well by a click of a button.

I highly recommend checking out Wonder by clicking here!!!

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GoClass is a wonderful new (beta) site/app for flipping a classroom.  This is a fantastic solution for educators to be able to manage their classes/students and create dynamic lessons that can be shared on mobile devices.  Students can login to a session on their mobile device and then follow the lesson following the "show-explain-ask" method.  Teachers can then get instant real-time feedback on student engagement and learning as well as attendance.

I highly recommend checking out GoClass by clicking here!!!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


LearnBop is a excellent site for educators looking to help their students in any area of Math.  The way this works is through an educational portal where students solve "bops" or math problems aligned to Common Core Standards.  If a student has trouble working through a problem an innovative interactive visual workflow is displayed that helps students learn how to solve the problem.  Best of all an educator gets detailed reports of students programs and allows them to differentiate instruction.

I highly recommend checking out LearnBop by clicking here!!!

For another detailed review check out Graphite.

Below is a demo video...

Shadow Puppet Edu

Shadow Puppet Edu is an excellent easy to use app for Project Based Learning and Digital Storytelling.  Like the former app it has a drag and drop interface but w/ this new educational instance it allows for easier/safer searching and integration of pictures as well as no student email account to use.

Below is a list of their other features...
  • Make videos just like before combining photos, video clips, voice, text and drawing. Use up to 100 images, and make videos up to 30 minutes long. All limits/purchases on the consumer version have been removed and the app will be free for edu use.  
  • Search the Library of Congress, NASA, Creative Commons, or generic web/gif search for awesome content to include in videos. A citation page is automatically added to the end of the video. We're super excited about the potential here in social science and science classes—our search tools make it possible to access and use amazing content from Library of Congress and NASA in a way we haven't seen any other apps do.    
  • Common Core-aligned activity ideas to make it easy to get started using Shadow Puppet Edu in English, social studies, science, math, art and foreign language classes.
  • Controls to disable web image search. Parental gates for sharing and the ability to disable/enable those as well. 
I highly recommend checking out Shadow Puppet Edu by clicking here!!!

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