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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Science Heroes

Science Heroes is an excellent mobile (Android/iOS) app for helping kids learn about the Digestive system in a fun game.  This game designed for kids 5-8 focuses on the five phases of digestion (i.e. mouth, esophagus, stomach, etc.)  The way this works is through a fun shooter-style game that has kids blasting their way through digestive system while learning different terms and concepts to complete 15 different missions.  At the end of the mission is a quiz which educators/parents can access through the parent dashboard to assess their student/child's progress.

I highly recommend checking out Science Heroes by clicking here!!!

For more excellent games on Math, Recycling, and more, checking out Yogome by clicking here!!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


MathFileFolderGames is an excellent company that specializes in making fun iOS games for Math.  The majority of these games are blue-tooth enabled that allows students to play against a friend or classmate on separate devices.  Also, these games have an email button that makes it easy to share scores w/ parents or teachers.  Finally, these games cover a wide range of subjects (i.e. Fractions, Order of Operations, Tangrams, etc), and make it easy to create a 21st Century Classroom w/ centers and mobile learning.

I highly recommend checking out MathFileFolderGames by clicking here!!!

5 Dice: Order of Operations Game

5 Dice Order of Operations Game Icon5 DIce app store
(Cost: FREE!)
5 Dice: Order of Operations Game is a math app intended for upper elementary and middle school students that helps students enjoy practicing their order of operations. Read More Here

4 Dice: Fraction Games

5 DIce app store
(Cost: $1.99)
4 Dice: Fraction Games is a math app for middle school and upper elementary students. The goal of the game is to present fractions in a way that is both conducive to learning and fun. Read More Here

Ordered Fractions: Comparing & Ordering Fractions

Ordered Fractions app store
(Cost: $1.99)
Ordered Fractionsgame begins by pressing the button that rolls the dice. Students then insert these numbers into the boxes on the board, which creates the fractions. Students then position the fractions in ascending order by comparing fractions. Read more here

Grid Lines: Ordered Pair Game

iPhone Icon Grid Lines
Grid Lines app store
(Cost: $1.99)
Grid Lines is a Battleship-style math app used to teach students the coordinate plane. Students will get practice plotting points on a coordinate plane by playing a game similar to Battleship. Read more here

Tangram Chess: Transformation Games

Tangram Chess IconTangram Chess
(Cost: $1.99)
Tangram Chess For Kids, Translations (slides), Rotations (turns) and Reflections (flips). Every game of Tangram Chess has its own story. Some are long-drawn out strategic affairs; others can be quick, but complicated, tactical battles. The winner is the player who can out-think his or her opponent, and make the best plans for attack and defence. Read more here

Skip Math: Skip Counting Games

skip math iconGrid Lines app store(Cost: $0.99)
Skip Math is a simple math game that helps practices skip counting. Skip Math is a a Doodle Jump style math game in which a girl or boy who jump from platform to platform counting by a certain number. Read more here

Jack and the Beanstalk a Mathematical Adventure

Icon Jacks Math
Hi, my name is Jack. I know you have all heard of me before, I'm the guy who climbs an enormous beanstalk to retrieve the princesses amulet. But today I would like to tell you the real story of HOW I was actually able to accomplish such a feat.  Read more here
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EverySlide is a fantastic new presentation tool that I just found out about from Free Technology 4 Teachers.  This is a great place for educators to create or upload a presentation (i.e. Keynote, PPT) then share it w/ others via a unique access code.  Being browser based this works on any mobile device and best of all an educator can assess an audience/students level of learning by embedding a poll that they can take.  Results of the poll are then displayed in a spreadsheet and makes it easy for an educator to differentiate instruction.

I highly recommend checking out EverySlide by clicking here!!!

Below is a brief demo...

Everyslide - your old slides made interactive from KPicture Inc. on Vimeo.

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Monday, April 21, 2014


EDpuzzle is a fantastic free tool for educators or students to take a video and "make it their own".  The way this they do this is by uploading a video (i.e. YouTube, Vimeo, TeachersTube, etc) and then edit it by: cropping, adding their own, narration, and even embed a quiz.  This is ideal for educators looking to Flip a Lesson/Classroom and differentiate instructions.  Finally, a finished video/presentation can then be embedded into a site.

I highly recommend checking out EDpuzzle by clicking here!!!

Below is a brief demo...

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Play Zone

Play Zone is a nice iOS app designed for young learners by having them play 6 different educational activities.  These activities arrange from dressing up a character (creativity) to recognizing patterns (logic) and even addition/subtraction.  The "gold star" system and great animations make this a fun game w/ lots of replay value.

I highly recommend checking out Play Zone by clicking here.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Booktrack Classroom

Booktrack Classroom is a new site/app that I just found out about from Richard Byrne's blog.  This is an interesting tool that allows students or teachers to add a soundtrack to their writing.

Here's a list of ways Booktrack Classroom is being used in education...
  • Narrative Writing – Students add music and audio to their original stories.
  • Informative and Explanatory Writing – Students compose essays and articles selecting suitable audio to accompany their text.
  • Literature Study – Students gain insight and increased understanding of the text by creating their own soundtracks for novels, stories, and plays they are reading in class.
  • Read-Alouds – Teacher and student led read-alouds are enhanced through the addition of sound and music to the chapter or act being presented.
Also, BC has a nice selection of free lesson plans to search through and is aligned to Common Core standards.

Below is a brief demo...

I highly recommend checking out Booktrack Classroom by clicking here!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fraction Ninja

Fraction Ninja is a nice little iOS game that has users throwing shurikens at a stick to form the correction fraction.  It's a fun game that has high replay value as it has users playing through story or survival mode and tracks users progress.  It also has different achievements that the players must gets and shows the total number of correct and wrong answers.

I recommend checking out Fraction Ninja by clicking here!!

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