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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Answerables is a wonderful new innovative site/game that is perfect for Game Based Learning (or more accurate Game Based Learning meets Learning Management System).  It reminds me of Second Life but geared more toward kids w/ their fantasy/SciFi environment.  The game takes place in the 3D virtual world of Answerables on a planet called Proxima, where the native Ansibles (students) encounter an alien race.

What makes this so great for education that is the safe/COPPA compliant environment that Answerables provides.  This is an ideal place for students to collaborate w/ others and develop their social learning skills.  Answerables provides windows (i.e. Second Life) to view the web, go on quests, etc.  The student dashboard allows students to track their quests, notifications, events, PODS (Personal Online Development Spaces), and more.

Educators can create a lesson/POD (manage permissions), create webquests, internet scave
nger hunts, host live events, and best of all "Gamify" their lesson.  This is great for introducing a new concept, guided/differentiated instruction, and even "Flipping" a classroom.  Also, teachers (parents too) can track/monitor student progress, share and view resources by collaborating w/ other educators, and even setup tutoring courses where they set their own rate.

I highly recommend checking out Answerables by clicking here!!!

Below is a brief demo that has to be seen to be believed...

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Monday, June 29, 2015


Seesaw the excellent free iOS app for students to create digital portfolio is now available for Chromebooks and Android devices.

Here are some of their great features...
  • Folders: Now you can organize student work in to folders. You can set up colored folders for subject areas or learning objectives, and choose whether students self select folders when adding items or teachers do it as part of item approval.  Folders are visible to teachers, students and parents.  You can browse work by folder across your class or for a particular student. 
  • Teacher Flags: Teachers (and co-teachers) can flag items to review later -- at a parent teacher conference, with a student, or however you'd like.  Which items have been flagged are only visible to class teachers and co-teachers.
  • PDF Documents: Now you can add PDFs to Seesaw journals. You can import PDFs from many other iOS apps (like Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Google Drive, Book Creator) using the iOS share extension / open in feature. Just tap share in those apps and select Seesaw. 
  • Tag Everyone: Want to add a class photo to Seesaw journals, or send a quick note to all parents in your class?  Now you can add an item to all student journals with a single tap.
I highly recommend checking out Seesaw by clicking here!!!

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Ignite Teaching

Ignite Teaching is an excellent free iPad app for creating multimedia presentations/projects that I just found out about from iPad Apps 4 Schools.  Educators are using Ignite Teaching for Project Based Learning by assigning students projects through Ignite Teaching's educational portal.  The way this work is an educator invites a student to their project/assignment through a unique code.  Once the student or group signs up they can then create multimedia presentations that contain: text, images, videos, and more.

I highly recommend checking out Ignite Teaching by clicking here!!!

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

The New Buncee

Buncee the amazing learning tool (web/iOS app) has just released a new (beta) web interface for the user's creation experience.  This whole new sleek design makes it even easier to create stunning presentations, digital stories, announcements, greetings, and more, through the click of a button and dragging & dragging/dropping.

Educators around the world are using Buncee for Project Based Learning, digital storytelling, to "flip" their classroom, and in many more ways.  Now it is even easier then before to integrate Buncee into the classroom and users should find the latest updates to really enhance their Buncee experience.

Top 10 New Creation Canvas Features...

  1. Wider Canvas - easier on the eyes all in one screen
  2. Universal Search - one keyword search will bring up images, videos, stickers, and more
  3. Add or upload multiple items at once - batch uploads makes it easier and speeds up a user's workflow
  4. Draw directly on your digital canvas/buncee
  5. Duplicate slides - a major time saver when needing to keep the same formula throughout the presentation
  6. Easier layer and side panels - makes rearranging your project a "snap" by drag/drop
  7. Text updates - easily format text as well as the ability to now create lists or bullet points
  8. Grid lines - easily rotate and align items
  9. Attach audio files to any item (i.e. image, animation, etc.)
  10. Smoother sharing - easier to share a project through link, email, social network, embed, etc.
Click here for a more detailed description of all the new features.

*Be sure to visit Buncee at ISTE at booth #1136 in the EdTech StartUp Pavilion.

Below is a brief tutorial on the New Buncee experience...

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Friday, June 26, 2015


EDpuzzle is vastly becoming one of the premiere web/iOS tools around for learning in the classroom.  This is fantastic free tool for editing a video, cropping, adding quizzes/polls, narration, etc. then embedding into site/blog.  It is being used to flip a classroom or lesson, Project Based Learning, grading/assessing, and even for differentiating instruction.  The educational portal allows students to sign-up w/out needing an email account and lets educators track student progress in real-time.

I highly recommend checking out EDpuzzle by clicking here!!!

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Thursday, June 25, 2015


Matific is a great site for finding educational resources for Math in grades K-6th.  These resources include videos, worksheets, activities, and more w/ an educational portal that allows educators to track student progress.  Also, teachers are using this to assess students performance in Math and differentiate instruction.  There is even a free mobile (iOS/Android) app for El Ed math games.

I highly recommend checking out Matific by clicking here!!!

Click here for the iOS app.
Click here for the Android app.

For a more detailed review check out Edshelf.

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