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Monday, September 1, 2014

Book Writer

Book Writer is one of the most beautiful looking iOS apps around for project based learning and digital storytelling.  This simple to use drag-n-drop app, allows users to upload photos, add text/images/videos/music, and then record their narration.  A finished product can then be exported into iBooks or shared via Dropbox or Google Drive.  Finally, educators are even using this to flip a lesson.

I highly recommend checking out Book Writer by clicking here!!!

Below is a brief demo...

Adjective Detective

The Adjective Detective is a fun online game I just found out about from Technology & Learning.  This game explains what an adjective is and provides a lot of interactive exercises siting examples.  Also, it has students being a detective and finding the adjectives (i.e. superlative and comparative) by highlighting them in a sentence w/ a magnifying glass.  Finally, there is a short quiz to help reinforce learning.

I recommend checking out The Adjective Detective by clicking here!!!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Booktrack Classroom

Booktrack Classroom is a innovative free site for adding a soundtrack or sound effects to a story/book.  This is a great way to generate and boost student creativity in the classroom as well as help w/ reading comprehension.  Classrooms are using this for project based learning and for gaining student interest in the process of Reading and Writing.  Also, there is a free iOS/Android app for reading published Booktrack "books".

I highly recommend checking out Booktrack Classroom by clicking here!!!

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Otus is a innovative and free Learning Management System for the 1:1 classroom environment.  It is available as a free iPad app for teachers and students and works on any browser based device such as a Chromebook.  Otus allows educators to use a single Google login to hand out/in assignments, track/assess/monitor/grade students, poll and browse the web, annotate, and so much more in a safe mobile environment.  Best of all, Otus is free, can be used in a number of different, and works in real-time for taking attendance, assessing students, and getting instant feedback through polling.

I highly recommend checking out Otus by clicking here!!!

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30hands is a wonderful free or paid (30hands Pro) iOS app for digital storytelling and project based learning.  This is a simple to use yet powerful learning tool that schools everywhere are using to introduce digital storytelling.  Through it's drag-n-drop students are uploading photos and then recording their own narration to create wonderful projects/stories and exporting them to Google Drive or the safe and free 30hands "cloud".  30hands Pro unlocks all the features such as uploading video, exporting options, and hi-res video.

I highly recommend checking out 30hands by clicking here!!!

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Science Heroes

Science Heroes: Digestive System for Kids is an excellent free educational Science app by Yogome.  Yogome is a company known for their educational iOS games from subjects from Math and Science to Recycling.  Also, their games feature their popular characters known as the Yogotars in fun filled cartoony world.

Science Heroes is more of the same w/ excellent graphics and high replay value as students try to defeat 5 bosses in over 15 levels/missions of fun, while learning about the different areas of the Digestive System (i.e. Mouth, Esphagus, Stomach, etc.).

I highly recommend checking out Science Heroes by clicking here!!!

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Super Teacher Worksheets

Super Teacher Worksheets is one of my favorite places for teachers to find educational resources such as: worksheets, printables, puzzle generators, SMART board files, and more.  Also, this is a great place for educators to find an array of printables and worksheets for Back to School and many other subjects.  The puzzle generators are great for creating your very own custom crossword or word search.

I highly recommend checking out Super Teacher Worksheets by clicking here!!!

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